ProChoiceTas was active for more than three years leading up to the decriminalisation of abortion in Tasmania.  During that time we incurred many unforseen expenses and are still operating in the red.  Please support the coalition by donating (click the donate button, below).  All donations are tax-deductable.  Thank you for your support.    

run purely on a voluntary basis and has no funding.  It relies on the goodwill of activists to donate time, energy and money.  ProChoiceTas needs your financial support.  Please donate if you support a woman’s right to choose. 

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  is an advocacy group which believes that termination of pregnancy should be safe, legal and accessible and that women should be free from harassment, intimidation and stigma in relation to their pregnancy decisions.  

"I have met thousands and thousands of pro-choice men and women. I have never met anyone who is pro-abortion." Hillary Clinton


  1. Women should be able to determine for themselves whether or not to become a parent.
  2. Early termination of pregnancy is a common, safe procedure which should be regulated like all other medical and surgical procedures.  It does not need to be singled out for special mention in any area of law. 
  3. Criminal Code Act sections governing abortion in Tasmania are antiquated, unnecessary and should be repealed. 
  4. Women should be treated like competent, responsible decision makers and not have their rights to medical decision making taken away from them. 
  5. Facing an unplanned pregnancy, or a wanted pregnancy which develops into a problem pregnancy are situations which can be incredibly stressful to the woman, her partner and her loved ones. Decisions made at this time are intensely private and personal and an added burden of legal requirements is cruel and unnecessary. 
  6. More should be done to prevent unplanned pregnancy including; improved,evidence based, age appropriate sexuality and relationships education in schools, increased access to safe, effective and affordable contraception including emergency contraception, greater efforts to reduce sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse, greater responsibility from men for contraception. 
  7. Even with improvements in prevention, there is no perfect contraceptive and there are no perfect people, therefore safe, accessible, medically appropriate abortion services will always be required.
  8. The health sector should provide adequate care for the whole spectrum of women’s reproductive health experiences including pregnancy termination services. 



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